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Virtual Walkthrough of The Durham Corporate Center

The DCC is all about your business, whether you are your own boss or a large enterprise. Our goal is to provide feature-packed, cost-effective facilities to the businesses and individuals that drive our economy.

02 Why Choose Us

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Our Amenities

Your individual office space rental is just the beginning. Being in the Durham Corporate Centre means having access to these great shared amenities

Staffs of DCC are friendly and accomodating. They listen and offer you packages or plans good for your budget and preference. The office is just located along Consumers Dr. and close to Durham Municipal Hall. They are practicing Covid-19 safety precautions. I enjoyed my tour. Thank you

Faizal Garasia

Local Guide

The possibilities are endless at the Durham Corporate Centre. Everything a business could possibly need are at your fingertips at very reasonable rates. I recommend the Durham Corporate Centre for all businesses small to corporate to assist in helping their business grow!

Michele Eva


A good place to do small Events. Tim Kennedy the owner is very friendly and hands-on with making sure his clients are satisfied. Very cost effective place for new and small business owners to Launch or Grow their business. Check it out

Rev Lady Jan Martin

Local Guide

Attended a seminar in this prrmises. Good. Enjoyed it.

Perrii Muthuraman

Local Guide

Had a festive lunch thank you. Edward Henry is a good friend of mine

Derek Hooper

Local Guide

03 Services We Offer

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What We Offer

Modest yet highly practical and comfortable working zones, chill zones, coffee shops and diners at you full disposal during your stay with us, as well and fast Internet and office supplies. Invite your teammates!

04 Upcoming events

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Upcoming Events

Contact us for Vacancy and Booking information.

05 Our Benefits

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our benefits

Benefits to Setting Up Your Startup in Our Corporate Space

From self-employed professionals and businesses making the move out of their home office, to start-ups, downsizings and more, we have a package, and a space that will meet your every need.

  1. Actual office space that promoting productivity
  2. Meaningful connections with your team
  3. Increased productivity to get some work done
  4. Comfy accommodations and comfortable couches

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